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Diet Analysis

Diet Analysis provides an analysis of your macronutrient intake and micronutrient deficiencies based on the 7 day food diary, and suggestions based on your health intake and goals forms.

Nutritional recommendations will be provided based on the diet analysis to help you assess your current situation, the changes that can be made and how you can implement these changes into your daily life in a practical way to result in achieving your goals.

21 Day Sugar Reduction

This is a clear cut, effective whole-foods based nutrition action plan that will rebalance your body and your habits.

This plan will help you break your sugar cravings by focusing on quality proteins, healthy fats and good carbs – with an easy to follow “Yes/No Food List” to help keep it simple and find carb-clarity.

7 Day Rebalance

Rejuvenate and refresh your body. Relieve aches and pains, feel healthier and more energetic through boosting nutrient dense food and drinks.

This process stimulates your body’s natural ability to rebalance itself. The benefits include pathway to a healthy weight,  strengthened immune system and increased physical and mental stamina…just to name a few!

Elimination Meal Plans

An elimination month is something everyone should try at least once! By eliminating potential allergens from your food intake you will also reduce inflammation, experience better sleep, healthier skin and higher energy levels.

Fusion Flex Personal Training

Personalised attention designed to help you reach your goals! If you want to lose weight, increase strength, return to your pre-baby figure or train for a race, your search for a personal trainer ends here.

Our trainers & advisors have a great reputation for functional and effective fitness routines, using a combination of the Fusion Flex System and Yoga for amazing results!

Fitness Assessments

This is 90 minute session is designed to evaluate your current fitness levels, body mass index, measurements and weight in order to establish a fitness plan geared towards meeting your personal fitness goals.

Whether it be to lose weight, feel healthier, run a 5k or prepare for an upcoming event– this analysis will set you up for implementing a successful plan!

Meal Prep & Clarity Kitchen Recipes

Step by step meal prep ideas geared towards your needs and recipes picked to fit your preferences that are practical for your lifestyle – this can be done over the phone or in the comfort of your own home. Or pop into the Clarity Kitchen for a cuppa and laughs!