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  • September 7, 2016
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Feed Your Need For Speed

The Tour de France is a really tough bike race. After 15 days racing across The Netherlands, Belgium and France, this year’s tour entered the Pyrennes last Tuesday. Known for being hotter, steeper, and more remote than the alps. 

The Pyrennes may not decide the winner of the Tour, but they could decide the loser. Riders will need to focus on balanced nutrition for the biggest race days in the mountains.

Clarity Nutrition Brownie Bites were created by three amateur athletes & cyclists, Guinness World Record Holder Big Rab, Me and Volunteer David. It was our mission to create a great, balanced nutrition energy snack made from real food ingredients with amazing taste.

Athletes can build an efficient fueling schedule around the 200Cal Bites. We recommend eating 1/2 a Bite every 30 minutes during exercise. Bites come in 7 great flavours: Amazing Almond, Oh Fudge Nuts (inspired by Matt White At OGE), Blueberry Boom, David’s Mega Nuts, Cookie Crunch, Need for Seed, and The Caffeinator. 
Our favorites are The Caffeinator and David’s Mega Nuts.

Clarity Nutrition 

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