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  • September 7, 2016
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Halt the salt? No! Bring it on

Normally we try to encourage people to reduce salt in their cooking. I must admit we all love a bit of salt on our chips, but did you know it can be used to promote feelings of well-being too?
Salt therapy – or halotherapy – started in the mines of Eastern Europe around 200 years ago, when a Polish doctor documented an apparent absence of lung diseases in salt mine workers.
Modern-day clients can benefit from strategic sensors monitoring salt concentrations and booster fans that maintain airflow to create a balanced microclimate.
During a 60-minute visits to our new friends at Salann Halotherapy, visitors will ease into a comfortable chair in a room that accommodates up to 12, and simply breathe normally, allowing the tiny salt particles in the air to enter their system.
Glasgow’s Salann Halotherapy is run by the dedicated husband and wife team of Graham and Ashley McFarlane. Life-long sufferers of respiratory and dermatological conditions, the couple found salt therapy to be there saviour, and now enjoy sharing the unique treatment with others.
Spilling salt may be bad luck, but a little time at Salann could be very good fortune. It’s just your luck as they are currently offering discounted salt therapy sessions!

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