Eat Better, Feel Better

Our sessions can be delivered in your workplace, venue or community setting. Whether your group has amateur cooks, food enthusiasts or full-blown foodies, there’s a course to inspire you. We tailor the length and content of our sessions to suit you.

Ranging from short demos and workshops to 6 session courses, hosted in your venue to suit your needs, all with the emphasis on the eat better feel better approach.


Nutrition Workshops

Let’s find some nutritional clarity! Some conventional food wisdom is, well, not so wise, and other healthy eating advice can be confusing. We’ll show you how to make healthier choices.

Dump the Junk is the latest in our series of interactive workshops. The workshops are aimed at workplace wellbeing events and community organisations as well as anyone who wants to learn more about healthy eating.

The latest workshop focuses on the fat and sugar content of convenience food, and how we can avoid these foods and choose healthier options instead. It includes ideas for discussion, a quiz and details of how small changes can make a big difference.

Further popular workshops include Getting The Balance Right, The Truth About Fat & Sugar, and Hidden Salt, all ideal for workplace wellbeing events and team building sessions.


Healthy Cooking Courses

Let’s talk about diet, as in what you can eat rather than what you can’t! No fads, no gimmicks – just delicious, nutritious eating for life.

Here at Clarity Nutrition, we don’t do deprivation. And that’s why our healthy eating course is a celebration of real ingredients, clever cookery and balanced meals that are always as tasty as they are good for you. Join our food guru and nutrition expert Claire for hands-on lessons, discussions and, of course, plenty of gorgeous local and seasonal food.

You’ll cook up breakfast, main meals, drinks and treats, learning as you go. From the truth about fat, sugar and so called “superfoods” to techniques that can boost the nutritional value of your food, Claire will help you sort the fact from the fad.


Healthy Appetites Workshops

The ultimate in bite sized learning. Discover new kitchen skills and flavours of the world in our themed taster sessions.

One of the most popular sessions at our award-winning community cookery school, Healthy Appetites is the perfect taster experience. You will be looked after every step of the way by our tutors, and leave armed with the skill, confidence and inspiration to cook delicious nutritious food at home.

These practical, hands-on healthy cookery classes combine the expertise of our tutors and The Eatwell plate. We have developed a range of nutritious and delicious recipes specifically for each session.

Menu themes include:

Indian Master Class, Flavours of the World, Budget Cookery, Fresh from Frozne, Dump the Junk, Craft Bakery, Easy Asian, Pizza & Pasta and Kids in the Kitchen.